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#DotheWork: from Idea to Accelerator

Our mission at LAUNCH is to support founders and inspire innovation.

Founder.University will provide you the tools to turn your idea for a startup into a reality. Build an MVP, get your first users, and work towards applying to an accelerator in 12 weeks.

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💰 The top MVP will receive a $25k investment! 💰

Learn how to create a startup from some of the best investors and founders in the world, an opportunity to have Jason Calacanis on your cap table, and build an unparalleled network with actionable insights.


- Want to start a company but aren't sure how? - First-time founder and need expert insight? - Started on your founder journey and are currently stuck?

During Founder.U you'll gain foundational knowledge from hands on learning experiences, plus live presentations from industry experts on how to build and scale your startup.

Your opportunity during your 12 intense weeks with Founder.University

  1. Build an MVP
  2. Test it in Market
  3. Identify Initial Users
  4. Apply for Accelerators

With actionable insights, and your newly generated network of founders, leaders, and friends you'll be well on your way to launching your startup!

Do you have what it takes to be a founder? Find out with LAUNCH! 🚀


Apply to Founder.U classes start October 25, 2021.

Gain access to a lifetime community of founders with direct and continuous guidance from the early stages to scale! Learning with Founder.University continues beyond the 12-week course.


Pilot cohort is limited to 50 participants!

New Format, Same 1st Class Entrepreneurial Education

What is new with Founder.U?

  • From 2 days to 12 weeks worth of material for founders
    • Extended, hands on, content beyond the presentations from industry leaders
  • Templated guidance on each step of your start up journey
  • Opportunity to meet, pitch your startup, and gather feedback from Jason Calacanis

Pacing of the Class


Week 1

Startup Basics

Week 2

Being a Founder

Week 3

Getting Started

Week 4

Building MVP

Week 5

Building MVP

Week 6

Research & Validation

Week 7

Market Validation

Week 8

Testing & Iterating MVP

Week 9

First Users

Week 10

Building Team

Week 11

Pitch Prep

Week 12

Accelerator Process

At the Completion of the Course (if you've attended all sessions and launched an MVP)

  • Meet, pitch, and collect feedback from Jason Calacanis


Apply to Founder.University 18 classes start October 25, 2021.

Hybrid Course Model

Start Date: October 18

Online learning

  • Expect ~5-10 hours of work each week
  • Weekly assessments
  • Detailed content every founder should know
  • Hands on activities specific to creating your company

Slack Community

  • Build a lasting community with your cohort
  • Collaborate on course content & startup life
  • Interaction with other founders in the portfolio
  • Knowledge sharing and live Q&A with others in your space

Weekly Zoom sessions

  • Attendance Required
  • 55 minutes a week
    • Review assessments
    • Weekly presentation
    • Founder Q&A

Original Presentations

  • Product-Market Fit Benchmarks & Myths
  • Finding & Owning Your Initial Acquisition Channels
  • Marketing Strategies for Scaling at Early Stage
  • Product Metrics that Drive Growth
  • Creating a Qualifying Sales Deck
  • Perfecting Your Presentation
  • Beating Goliath: 3 Overlooked Sources of Data For Marketing and Product Development
  • Using Compliance to Win Deals
  • Setting Your Finances Up for Success
  • Targeting & Landing the Right Investors
  • How to Close Your Round by Building Community with Investors
  • 5 Things to Consider When Negotiating a Term Sheet
  • How to Create a $1MM Campaign

Apply to Founder.University 18 — classes start October 25, 2021.

Do the Work

Expectations of Founders

  • Complete the weekly assessments
  • Attend weekly in person meetings
  • Be an active member of the cohort in slack
  • Implement what you are learning
  • Share your experience

Warning to Founders

  • Starting a company is hard!
    • 80-90% of startups fail
  • This course is not an easy button for creating a company
    • It is a map, offering suggestions on routes → you own the journey!
  • If you plan on doing the bare minimum in this course you are wasting your time
  • You will need to work well beyond reading content if your startup is going to survive

Am I Ready to Apply for Founder University?

Are there any prerequisites to attend Founder.University?
Can I apply if I do not have a product in market yet?
Can I apply if I do not have a minimal viable product yet?
Can I apply if I do not have an idea for a company yet?
What if I already have an MVP or product in market?
I have several customers and some recurring monthly revenue - can I apply?
How many founders will be accepted? Who will they be?

How many founders will be accepted? Who will they be?


Apply to Founder.University — classes start October 25, 2021.


Pilot cohort is limited to 50 participants!

  • The breakdown of the 50 companies in Founder.University will be:
    • 10 Marketplaces
    • 10 SaaS
    • 10 Consumer Subscription
    • 10 Financial Technology (Fintech)
    • 10 Undecided

How much does it cost to attend Founder University?

  • $700* for the 12 week course
  • *If you do the work, attend the required classes, and launch a MVP by the end of the course your $700 will be returned for you to invest in your company!
  • In other words - if you do the work - Founder.University is FREE!
  • Jason will offer $25k

Didn't get accepted? Apply again for a future cohort!


Upcoming Cohorts

  • Founder.U 19 [Date] → Apply by [Date]
  • Founder.U 20 [Date] → Apply by [Date]
  • Founder.U 21 [Date] → Apply by [Date]


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Apply Founder.U - start date October 25 - apply today!





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