Turn your startup idea into a reality

Turn your startup idea into a reality

In this 12-week interactive course, you'll:

  1. Build an MVP
  2. Identify target customers and business model
  3. Onboard first users
  4. Test and iterate!
  5. Explore next steps, from company formation to fundraising

The top graduates will receive a $25,000 investment from Jason Calacanis

To date, we’ve invested $25k into 29 companies from Cohort 1-4.

Upcoming Cohorts

5th cohort → April 24, 2023 6th cohort → July 17, 2023 7th cohort → October 23, 2023 8th cohort → January 22, 2024 9th cohort → April 22, 2024 10th cohort → July 22, 2024

Founder.University 12-week format

Weekly Live Session

  • Attendance Required
  • 60-90 minutes a week (Monday)
    • Weekly presentations from industry experts
    • Review activities and learnings
    • Founder Q&A with the LAUNCH team

Weekly Check-in

  • Attendance encouraged
  • 30-60 minutes a week (Thursday)
    • Discuss learnings with the LAUNCH team & cohort members
    • Review activities and learnings
    • Network with other founders

Asynchronous Learning

  • Expect 5-10 hours of videos + reading each week
  • Additional hours spent on weekly activities that focus on building an MVP


  • Collaborate with cohort members
  • Interaction with other founders in the portfolio
  • Knowledge sharing and live Q&A


Tuition: $500*

*The $500 will be returned to you if you attend all live sessions and launch your MVP

In other words, Founder.University is FREE if you #DoTheWork!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Founder.University cost?
  • $500, after you are selected.
    • If you attended all live sessions and launch an MVP we will return the $500!
  • We simply want to ensure founders have skin in the game and are motivated to finish
Are there any prerequisites to attend Founder.University?
  • No.
  • Are you a hard-working, driven individual who is self-motivated with a passion to start a company? That is what we are looking for!
Can I apply if I don't have an idea for a product?
  • Yes!
  • We will briefly touch on ways to come up with an idea, but you will need to make a decision quickly as this course is hands-on and moves very FAST!
Can I apply if I have an idea but no product yet?
  • Yes!
  • That is the perfect time to apply — we want to help you launch!
  • You will spend several weeks building and iterating on a no-code MVP as a part of Founder.University.
Can I apply if I already have an MVP or product in market?
  • Congratulations! Yes, you can still apply. The program is best suited for founders in the MVP stage, or founders that have launched their product and have early traction.
I have several customers and some recurring monthly revenue — can I apply?
  • Congratulations! Yes, you can still apply!
  • Coursework is self-guided so you can skip sections and focus on areas most relevant to your business and stage.
  • Founders with traction report immense value from the program -- including the content, the community, and the accountability.

How many founders will be accepted? Who will they be?

  • Each cohort will have ~100-200 participants
  • Acceptance notifications will be sent a couple weeks prior to the kickoff of each cohort
  • If you are not accepted — please apply again for the next cohort!

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Deadline to apply is 2 weeks prior to the kick off of the next cohort